squirrelmail 1.4.x and roundrobin haproxy

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squirrelmail 1.4.x and roundrobin haproxy

Josef Karliak-2
   Hi there,
   I run haproxy for web server apache2, loadbalancing works good but  
Squirrelmail don't. But it is not an error of the SM - just haproxy is  
balancing between two servers, I go to login page (presume it is on  
server #1) and after I send my login and password haproxy send it to  
server #2, that do not have my credentials -> "You must be logged in  
to access this page."
   If I shutdown one of the web servers, all is all right.
   So there is a question ? Did I missed something of the settings of  
HAPROXY for Squirrelmail ?
   Thanks and best regards

Ma domena pouziva zabezpeceni a kontrolu SPF (www.openspf.org) a
DomainKeys/DKIM (with ADSP) . Pokud mate problemy s dorucenim emailu,
zacnete pouzivat metody overeni puvody emailu zminene vyse. Dekuji.
My domain use SPF (www.openspf.org) and DomainKeys/DKIM (with ADSP)
policy and check. If you've problem with sending emails to me, start
using email origin methods mentioned above. Thank you.

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