squirrel with postfix and relayhost

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squirrel with postfix and relayhost

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I use postfix as mail server, my ISP block port 25, so i have to use a relayhost, I use the Gmail one
Typically the line in main.cf is : relayhost= [smtp.gmail.com]:587
There is also a file called "sasl_passwd" which contain my gmail address & password  to produce the sasl_passwd.db

I also installed courier-imap, courier-imap-ssl as well as squirrelmail and I created the mail folders

Receive and transmit work correctly, however when I compose and send a mail to an external address, the sender name associated is not the right one but always my gmail address

I made some change in the sendmail paremeters without success

Using "Sendmail" from a server session works fine

Any idea ?