preview_pane nasty bug: second Unread link is a Delete

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preview_pane nasty bug: second Unread link is a Delete

I installed preview_pane (most recent) into SquirrelMail 1.4.22. My system
did not have patch command, so I manually tweaked read_body.php
(basically, I expanded the displayPageHeader($color, $mailbox) call with
the section:

< if (getPref($data_dir, $username, 'use_previewPane', 0) == 0) {
<     displayPageHeader($color, $mailbox);
< } else {
<     include_once(SM_PATH . 'plugins/preview_pane/functions.php');
<     pp_displayPageHeader($color, $mailbox);
< }

I did not feel like installing the provided read_body.php from
plugins/preview_pane/source_files/read_body.php-squirrelmail-1.4.3 because
it is so old (from 2004).

It works with a few minor quirks (like when I hit Delete inside Preview
Pane, it re-displays the message list in the preview pane). Not a big

However, I just found a major bug: the Preview Pane added a second Unread
link that is really a Delete. Ask me how I found out and how many messages
I deleted!

When a message is displayed in the preview pane, I see 4 links in the
top-left corner of the preview pane:
Message List | Unread | Unread | Delete

The URLs are (I replaced absolute path with ###:
Message List : ###/src/right_main.php?sort=6&startMessage=1&mailbox=INBOX.all

As you can see, the second Unread link is the problem. When I uncheck the
"Show Message Preview Pane", there are only three links (Message List |
Unread | Delete) in the message detail frame (not the preview pane).

All plugins I enabled: administrator, delete_move_next, preview_pane,

Is there an easy/safe way to remove the second Unread link?

Thank you,

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