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Richard Laager
I see you have recently accepted a round of imapproxy patches. I would
like to bring the following patches to your attention.

So far, these have only passed the "it compiles" test. I'll be testing
all this code in production in a few days (after the Thanksgiving holiday).

The EGD conditional is backwards:

This fixes a compiler warning about not checking the return value from

This fixes some missing function definitions:

This fixes some warnings about size_t printf formatters. Note, I'm not
sure how portable the "z" modifer is:

This uses socklen_t instead of int to fix some type mismatch warnings:

This fixes signedness warnings:

This fixes compiling on OpenSSL 1.1:

Are these variables used? If not, they should be removed rather than
#ifdef 0'ed as this patch does:


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