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Damien Moore
>>>>>> Dear Squirrel Mailers
>>>>>> We continue to develop our Squirrel Mail setup using:
>>>>>> Win 2003 Server
>>>>>> Apache 2.0.54
>>>>>> PHP 4.4.0
>>>>>> Squirrel Mail 1.4.5
>>>>>> We are trying to implement the squirrelspell plugin version 0.3.8
>>>>>> (this
>>>>>> is the one included in the SM 1.4.5 distribution). We have installed
>>>>>> the
>>>>>> win32 Aspell version 0.50.3, and edited sqspell_config to include:
>>>>>> $SQSPELL_APP = array('English' => 'c:\aspell\bin\aspell -a',
>>>>>> 'Spanish' => 'c:\aspell\bin\aspell -d spanish -a');
>>>>>> So far so good. When clicking on "Check Spelling" we are first asked
>>>>>> to
>>>>>> select language, and then the main dialog appears. The number of
>>>>>> errors
>>>>>> found is correct, but all the little boxes are empty except
>>>>>> "Suggestions", and all we can do at this point is "Close and
>>>>>> Cancel".
>>>>>> If we use the browser to view the page source for the popup we can
>>>>>> see
>>>>>> that the errors have been correctly identified and corrections
>>>>>> listed.
>>>>> As suggested when first signing up to the list.  Please try reading
>>>>> the
>>>>> archives (you might consider the plugins and devel list archives
>>>>> too).
>>>>> I
>>>>> believe it has been asked several times recently.  The issue is with
>>>>> ispell/aspell returning \r\n on windows instead of just \n.  There is
>>>>> a
>>>>> patch included in one of them if I remember correctly.
>>>>> - --
>>>>> Jonathan Angliss
>>>>> <[hidden email]>
>>>> Thank you for your prompt reply. We have looked through the archives
>>>> and
>>>> come across several references, but the only fix we have found is a
>>>> suggestion from PajaP that an earlier version of the squirrelspell
>>>> plugin
>>>> might work, possibly the one included with SM 1.4.3. Does anyone have
>>>> experience of this? Does anyone know where we can get the earlier
>>>> version
>>>> to try it out?
>>> http://article.gmane.org/gmane.mail.squirrelmail.plugins/10275
>>> http://www.squirrelmail.org/wiki/KnownBugs
>>> >>>http://cvs.sf.net/viewcvs.py/squirrelmail/squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/check_me.mod?r1=
>>> Or get plugins/squirrelspell/modules/check_me.mod from 1.4.6cvs. It
>>> fixes
>>> your issue and some gettext/sprintf formating errors.
>>> --
>>> Tomas
>> Thank you for your suggestion. We downloaded v. of check_me.mod
>> and the problem referred to above went away. However things have gone
>> from
>> bad to worse since then. The squirrelspell plugin does now work
>> occasionally, although Aspell ignores most of what we regard as
>> mis-spellings, but more often than not, and especially if the message is
>> more than a few hundred words, it causes the browser to crash while
>> waiting for the spelling dialog, and on several occasions we have had to
>> restart the Apache web server! Is there anyone out there who has ever
>> got
>> this to work with a Windows server, or are we the only ones who have
>> tried? It would be a pity if this feature did not work because it is one
>> for which end users often ask.
> 1. which aspell dictionary are you trying to use?
> 2. your php safe_mode and mbstring.func_overload settings
> 3. open plugins/squirrelspell/modules/check_me.mod, find 'if(
> check_php_version ( 4, 3 ) ) {' and bump up php version number. For
> example to 'if( check_php_version ( 4, 5 ) ) {'
> If it solves apache lockups - you have buggy proc_open/proc_close
> implementation.
> If you upgrade SquirrelSpell from 1.4.5 to 1.4.6cvs version, situation
> can't get worse. 1.4.6cvs changes only fixed some issues. They haven't
> introduced any new code.
> --
> Tomas
Many thanks for your inspired suggestion #3 above. We have changed the
version check to ( 4, 5 ) and squirrelspell works normally. Following your
hint we also changed the Aspell language to en_GB which helps quite a lot!
(Strangely, the default is a dialect spoken only in parts of North
America.) On the other points you mention we are using the out-of-the-box
settings for php.ini including "safe_mode = Off" and with mbstring

By the by we are greatly impressed with the quality and capabilities of
Squirrel Mail, and also with the friendly technical help provided by this
list. Your efforts *are* appreciated.

Damien Moore

Data Conduction Limited
A3 Manor Development Centre
Alison Crescent
Sheffield S2 1AS
United Kingdom
t +44 (0)114 265 5060
f +44 (0)870 051 4981

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