[SM-USERS] G/PGP plugin: problems when uploading yhe keys

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[SM-USERS] G/PGP plugin: problems when uploading yhe keys

Ricardo Cabral
> I've the G/PGP plugin installed into my SM, but, when the users try to
> upload their keys, nothing happens. Even trying to copy and paste the
> ASCII code to text mode, the key is not recognized. Does someone have
> already seen this problem?
> Thanks,
> Ricardo Cabral

I still have this problem. Does anyone can help me?
I'm using the following configuration:
- Fedora 4
- PHP 5.0.4
- GPG 1.4.1
- IMAP Server: Dovecot 0.99.14
- SMTP: Postfix
- SquirrelMail 1.4.6
- G/PGP Plugin 2.0

All other SM plugins are working fine. File upload when composing mails works too.
I really need to solve this problem.
Thanks for all,

Ricardo Cabral