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[SM-PLUGINS] dictionary patch(es)

Bryan Loniewski
diff -ruN dictionary/interface.php dictionary-HACK/interface.php
--- dictionary/interface.php    Tue Sep 13 13:02:45 2005
+++ dictionary-HACK/interface.php       Fri Sep 16 15:05:22 2005
@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@

 require_once(SM_PATH . 'include/validate.php');

-global $color, $theme_css;
+global $color, $theme_css, $title;
 echo   "<HTML>\n"
 . "<HEAD>\n"
 . "<TITLE>$title</TITLE>\n";

and also when untarring dictionary-0.6.tar the directory extracted is
"dictionary-0.6" which needs to be just "dictionary" since some files
contain "dictionary" in paths [ie: setup.php - include_once(SM_PATH .
Bryan Loniewski
Rutgers University
NBCS - Systems Programmer

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