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Hi All,
This is part of an email that I got from a customer today.

I am using an iMac and I just saved several documents in MSWord.
When I tried to send them as attachments, some - but not all - of them
came out in MacBinary format.  Why is that?  Will I still be able to read
when I get to work tomorrow on a different computer??
And how can I prevent this from happening?  I saved as MSWord.
I created all the files using Word and saved them all the same way.  I use
a Mac with Word at my office, too, so I thought it would be easy to send
Word documents back and forth.  I could not open the ones that said Mac
binary when I got to work.  Luckily I had also sent them as plain text,
but I am hoping not to have to do that anymore.
Below are the attachments that were sent in the email.HF Returning vendors
YES.doc        28 k  [ application/msword ]  HF new or ret vendors YES#DF2A0
30 k  [ application/x-macbinary ]  HF new vendors YES.doc              30 k
[ application/msword ] HF new vendors yes but ha#DF2B7     32 k  [
application/x-macbinary ]  HF new vendors yes but FRI          30 k  [
application/x-macbinary ]  HF new vendors NO                   28 k  [
application/x-macbinary ]  Any thoughts about what might be wrong??


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