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[SM-DEVEL] SquirrelMail Extra decoding library released

Jon Angliss
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The SquirrelMail Project Team released Extra decoding library.

This is the first stable extra decoding library package release.

SquirrelMail decoding functions are used to display and convert messages
encoded in different character sets. Extra decoding library provides support
of some complex Eastern character sets and some rarely used Apple character
sets. Current release supports Big5, Windows-874 (cp874, Thai), Windows-949
(UHC, Korean), EUC-CN, EUC-JP, EUC-KR, EUC-TW, GB18030, GB2312, ISO-2022-CN,
ISO-2022-JP, ISO-2022-JP-2, ISO-2022-KR, Shift_JIS and various x-mac-*
character sets.

Extra decoding library can be used in SquirrelMail 1.4.4 or newer. It
depends on sq_is8bit() function. In order to optimize decoding of Eastern
character sets, PHP installation needs recode (http://www.php.net/recode)
or iconv (http://www.php.net/iconv) support. Some decoding functions can
use mbstring functions present in php 4.3.0. Mbstring decoding needs
sq_mb_list_encodings() function from SquirrelMail 1.5.1 or 1.4.6.

Some decoding code that be activated only when $aggressive_decoding variable
is set to true. This variable should be enabled only on smaller systems,
that don't call aggressive decoding functions very often. Turning on
$aggressive_decoding variable by default in packaged SquirrelMail versions
is not recommended.

If you find bugs in this library, report them in SquirrelMail bug tracker
(http://www.squirrelmail.org/bugs). Developers will need information about
PHP version, PHP recode, iconv and mbstring extensions, used SquirrelMail
version, any modification made in functions/i18n.php and mbstring
extension settings.

You can find packages on the Download page.

Package md5sums:
4793c94361d448831f28dcaab7ce5ad2  squirrelmail-decode-1.0.tar.bz2
2474774d0fee733d518b64f881a0f587  squirrelmail-decode-1.0.tar.gz
3396e9734f8de2b5dd0e96d3ce4e72ec  squirrelmail-decode-1.0.zip

Package sha1sums:
5a8942d9b058feaa756d3d04bb47719acc1201c6  squirrelmail-decode-1.0.tar.bz2
93afe60bbbf1a050d3e1b7bbcbeaa38447439669  squirrelmail-decode-1.0.tar.gz
c47aa5ae421b0208bb3fb42021b3eddf9760f1af  squirrelmail-decode-1.0.zip

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