SM 1.4.10-22 and problem in IE with openning DOC attachment

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SM 1.4.10-22 and problem in IE with openning DOC attachment

Josef Karliak-2
   Hi there,
   I don't say that it is an error of the SM, but does any have  
problem with SM and DOC attachments in the IE any versions ? When I  
click in IE to the DOC, system ask ask me to open or save. When I  
choose open, I'm asked to my login and password to the email and after  
that the attachment is opened. There is no problem with PDF and there  
is no problem with doc or pdf in the Firefox (linux or windows).
   I tried SM 1.4.22 too, no progress. There no complains in the  
apache's error log.
   Any suggestions ?
   Thanks and best regards
   Josef Karliak.

Ma domena pouziva zabezpeceni a kontrolu SPF ( a
DomainKeys/DKIM (with ADSP) . Pokud mate problemy s dorucenim emailu,
zacnete pouzivat metody overeni puvody emailu zminene vyse. Dekuji.
My domain use SPF ( and DomainKeys/DKIM (with ADSP)
policy and check. If you've problem with sending emails to me, start
using email origin methods mentioned above. Thank you.

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