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Re: Update for captcha plugin - new google recaptcha API

On 14-Apr-16 12:34, [hidden email] wrote:

> Where I can download this plugin. Thanks
> <quote author='tlhackque'>
> I've added a backend for the CAPTCHA plugin that supports the new Google
> reCAPTCHA API (checkbox captcha, etc). It's packaged as a .tar file that
> can be dropped onto the sqirrelmail directory.
> Where do I post the .tar file for the community?  The patches URL on
> points to a stale page on sourceforge.
> I guess someone will ask: it's a new backend because the parameters are
> different, the api requires https, and some people may not want the new
> version. The new backend is checkbox_recaptcha.  Still, it's an easy
> upgrade - edit the checkbox_recaptcha config file and switch the backend
> name.  Things are just different enough to require a different config,
> but not so different as to be hard to make the change.
> Caveat: I provided code to detect and use the 1.5.2+ template system,
> but as I don't run it, it's not tested.  The normal code works for me.
> The kit also includes an optional patch allowing IPv6 wildcards in the
> hide/show by IP address lists.  I didn't add IPv6 CIDR support as (a) I
> don't need it and (b) it's a bit of a pain to deal with 128 bit addresses.
> Finally, if you haven't hard about the new reCAPTCHA, see
> In short, it's a better user experience - most of the time.

I never got a response to my question from 2014 ("where do I put it")?

For now, I posted a copy at

It would be nice if there was a permanent home.

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