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Paul Lesniewski

on 2004/03/16 3:04, hello_bee wrote:
> respected sir, i installed squirrelmail on RH 72 while i used SQML 1.4.2
> and the html plugin, my problem is that suppose i am composing a mail
> with various text format ie. some text are bold, some are larger, some
> are red coloured etc... now as soon as i do "Save Draft" it saves but
> when i return to it after doing that the formt goes out and what i get
> is a plain text.\ can you help me to get the settings preserved?? your

Please upgrade to the newest version of the HTML plugin and check your
preferences regarding "replying in HTML" if it still isn't working for you.

> help in this regard will be highly appreciated. looking for an URGENT
> reply regards bimal

How's that for urgent?

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