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Re: [SM-USERS] Length limit on email field in address book?

Tomas Kuliavas
> Hi, I'm a new user of a SM system configured by my ISP.  I would like to
> use email address lists, because I regularly send email to the same 11
> people, and it's far easier to pick one address than eleven.
> I followed the suggestion from
> and added the
> list as a normal person with a list of email addresses separated by
> commas.  SM accepted the entry with no complaint, but when I tried to use
> it, I noticed that it had truncated it.  Looks like I got about 128
> characters.  This is just too small.  Is this upper limit configurable
> somewhere?  Or would you accept a suggest to implement a proper
> address-list feature in the address book?  Thanks for listening.

You are using database based address book that is stored in MySQL. Default
DB address book table limits are 16 characters for nickname, 128
characters for owner, first name, last name and email, 255 characters for

Ask your ISP to alter address book table.


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