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Re: [SM-USERS] Legal question about change SquirrelMail name in my implementation

Tomas Kuliavas
> heya all,
> I have a legal question, I work in Marcatel International
> (www.marcatel.com) and we use SquirrelMail as WebMail for clients. I
> did some modifications to SquirrelMail, basically i removed the frames
> and i use smarty for apply a new look.
> Now my question is, Can i change the references to "SquirrelMail" for
> "Marcatel WebMail" in the Help section?. This is because the marketing
> people think is better for clients, but i think add a note which
> explain that the software is based in the SquirrelMail project. is
> correct to do it?.

SquirrelMail is distributed under the GNU General Public License
(http://www.opensource.org/licenses/gpl-license.php). You are free to do
whatever you want as long as you are not breaking the license.

Although it would be nice, if you inform users about the fact that you use
SquirrelMail somewhere. See http://www.cotse.net/email.html for example.


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