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Christoph Pleger

Like Brendan, I am also running dovecot 2.1 and had problems with the error:

Unable to load script to server. Server responded with:
phpscript: line 8: error: the (deprecated) imapflags extension cannot be
used together with the imap4flags extension.
phpscript: error: validation failed

I found that it can also be solved by not enabling the imapflags extension
in dovecot, by default it is disabled anyway.

But what implications does disabling imapflags have on the functionality
of avelsieve on the whole? At least the avelsieve code contains the string
"imapflags" very often, especially in

* @deprecated To be replaced by imap4flags implementation.
    var $capability = 'imapflags';

With imapflags disabled in dovecot or in avelsieve, will all the
functionality implemented at the places where the string imapflags occurs
still be available?


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