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On Thu, July 18, 2013 06:32, Alan Alger wrote:
> Can anyone tell me if you can stop people deleting emails from
> their inbox then removing from deleted messages in a attempt to
> respond that they never received the email in the first place
> Can we either stop them from removing from deleted messages or track
> that they actually deleted it

I believe that you can set the IMAP mailbox permissions on the Trash
folder (however it is named in your installation) to forbid deletes
even by the mailbox owner.  At least I believe that this is possible
in Cyrus-IMAP.  You then must set up some sort of system job to purge
the Trash folder contents on some reasonable basis.

However, every mail message delivery is also logged in the maillog
file of most *nix MTAs so I would instead recommend that you write
some sort of script to parse the maillog files on a regular (daily)
basis and send emails with the delivery summaries by recipient and
origin to either the account owner or to a central administrator, or
to both, if proof of delivery is an issue.

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