Problem with International chars in Subject and Body

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Problem with International chars in Subject and Body

Dan Johansson-2

I have been happily using SquirrelMail for some years now, but I am new to this list (so please go easy on me if this is an old topic).

The Problem that I face at the moment (I have noticed it the fior time today but the problem could have been here longer) is that I sometimes "miss" some text in a mail (Subject or Body).

For example I have a E-mail with the following Subject line (as seen in the filesystem)

Subject: =?iso-8859-1?Q?AW:_HDMI-CEC_f=FCr_CineMate?=

In my "normal" mail client (KMail) it shows correctly as "AW: HDMI-CEC für CineMate" but in SQmail the Subject just shows as "blank".

I also have the same issue in the Body (although not the whole body) with some E-mails.
Also here an example (please note that the message is shown OK in K-mail).

Looking at a Mail in SQmail I see the following:
Guten Morgen


And looking at the msg-file in the filesystem it looks like this.

Guten Morgen

Frau XXXX wird sich Ihrer Sache annehmen - bitte rufen Sie sie gele=
gentlich an - freundliche Gr=FCsse, Michael

(XXX replaced to protect the innocent )

Here is some Info regarding my setup:
SquirrelMail version: 1.4.22
Installed Plugins: secure_login, delete_move_next, sent_subfolders, squirrelspell, message_details
PHP version: 5.4.6
Web server: Apache 2.2.23
IMAP server: Courier 0.65.2
SMTP server: Courier 0.65.2
OS and distribution: Gentoo Linux (3.5.4-hardened-r1 #1 SMP x86_64)
Browsers tried: IE (do not know release), Firefox (Linux, 10.0.10)

If you need more Info please do not hesitate to ask.

Any suggestion on what could be the problem here?

Dan Johansson, <>
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