Issue with procmail and folder names with spaces

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Issue with procmail and folder names with spaces

Frank R. Servas

I have a CentOS 7.3.1611 fully patched server, running
Squirrelmail-1.4.22-16 and procmail 3.22-35.  I have
server_settings_backend-2.0-1.4.0, server_side_filters-2.0beta1-1.4.0, and
server_side_filters_procmail-1.0beta1-1.4.0 installed.  The filters plugin
is configured to write .procmail files for each specific user account.
Everything was setup a while ago and had worked as expected.

I don't know if this was due to a recent CentOS update or not, but this
week users are complaining that their filter rules are creating new
folders and putting the email into them.  In troubleshooting, I discovered
what is happening is that the mail folders have spaces in their names,
i.e. "Saved Emails", and that now the space is ignored and the folder
"Saved" is created and emails moved to it by the rule.  It is the
.procmail file that is the cause, basically it needs a "\" to deference
the space but it isn't written to the file by the plugin that way.  If I
manually edit the .procmail file to include the "\" things work as

Excerpt from the .procmail file:
$MAIL_LOCATION/Saved Emails  (doesn't work sends emails to "Saved")
$MAIL_LOCATION/Saved\ Emails (does work as expected)

Just wondering if this is a known issue in the plugin or an easy fix?  Any
help would be appreciated.


Frank R. Servas
[hidden email]

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