How to run filters on already received messages?

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How to run filters on already received messages?

André Z. D. A.

after having ~2000 messages in a folder, but noticing that most of them (coarse guess) should be in 3 or 4 separated folders. So I created a few message filters and folders. Now I want to run these filters in my inbox and a few other folders where I keep some messages. How do to it? I can't find a way.

Searching manually thorough each folder and moving them would be repeating the definitions I just built on the filter rules. So I assume there should be an easier way to do it. A while ago I used Thunderbird, and the option to run filters manually is always there.

So, how to run filters on already received messages with Squirrelmail? Or, in other words, how I manually run a filter in Squirrelmail?

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