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André Z. D. A.

I am trying to solve a few problems with message and page encoding in a new SM setup (1.4.22). To test it, I'm using Yahoo's IMAP servers, but I guess it shouldn't make a big difference - although Yahoo sometimes surprises me.

I've got to a point where I think a few problems happen because SM uses iso-latin-1 encoding, and the other point person testing the message with me seems to use UTF-8 (or the client doesn't write the encoding it the messages).

I want to have a pt_BR language with UTF-8 encoding, but I'm not sure what I should change in the "pt_BR/" folder to create one. Futher, I wish to have both languages as options in SM interface for users, and this gives me more doubts with what I should put on the file "pt_BR/setup.php", and what this edit will expect from the server (or PHP or anything else).

I tried just overwriting the files in the original "pt_BR/" folder with the new .mo and .po files (already edited, headers changed to reflect it's encoding). But it didn't seem to work.

Maybe you can help me a bit.



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