Charset problem when reply and text plain

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Charset problem when reply and text plain

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Hi guys,

I have a problem. When I've sent a e-mail by Squirrelmail the message works fine but when I reply the message the charset to ç, é or í broke it. The same behavior occur when I see the message in text plain, clicking in view as plain text.

I already apply quoted_printable_fix-1.4.22-version_3 but didn't resolve.

Sending of another webmails like gmail or client outlook works fine, I can response without any probem.

The problem occur from squirrelmail to squirrelmail. If I force the response as HTML, works fine too.

my configuration:

Version: .1.4.22
$lossy_encoding = false;
$default_charset = "utf-8";
$squirrelmail_default_language = "pt_BR";

$languages['pt_BR']['NAME']    = 'Portuguese (Brazil)';
$languages['pt_BR']['ALTNAME'] = 'Português do Brasil';
$languages['pt_BR']['CHARSET'] = 'utf-8';
$languages['pt_BR']['LOCALE']  = array('pt_BR.UTF-8','pt_BR.UTF-8','pt_BR');
PHP 5.3.15-pl0-gentoo (cli) (built: Aug 27 2012 13:08:58)

Someone have any idea?